Mark Maziarz is an Omaha, NE native, with over 15 years of experience in the ad world. Most recently, he served as a Creative Director at LA-based 72andSunny, two-time Agency of the Year winner. He has worked in NYC and LA on global brands like Coca-Cola, Samsung, Activision, Heineken, Hennessy, Belvedere, Anheuser Busch, Taco Bell, Boost Mobile, and Carl’s Jr./Hardees. With a passion for bringing the entertainment world and brands together, Mark’s constantly pushing for those “never been done before” moments in culture. Along the way, there have been some notable milestones:

Explained "selfies" to Spiderman creator, Stan Lee

Taught Kate Upton to eat burgers

Was scolded by Henry Rollins on proper grammar

Coached Slick Rick at the mic…he needed no coaching.

Learned the meaning of F.U.N. from Gary Busey (Finally Understanding Nothing)

Recorded Charlie Murphy saying the word “buttcheeks” for over an hour.

Held Rousey’s belt for her. It was heavy.

Helped create a burger that melted people’s faces off (see Thickburger El Diablo)

Outside of advertising, Mark is a children’s book author and musician. His band BARK released their first album in 2017 to critical acclaim.